OUR MISSION// ↳ Glowing, representing love and hope for everyone


No matter if you're a boy or girl, young or old, white or black, rich or poor, everyone has the same need of love and hope! We have the same rights to live on this Earth and no one outranks anyone else, every person's worth the same!  For this reason we indiscriminately step in front of everyone to perform our mission towards them.



Our goal is to create a community which thanks to its size, common understanding and goal is able to move this world.
Lots of people think that they are unable to bring difference into this world because they're not rich enough, not influential enough, etc. We don't believe in this!

We believe that if we join forces, with unity, with awareness, we're gonna be able to have an effect on the people living around us and to change lives! The world tries to tell you to step into the line and do as you're told to do. We weren't created for this!

Under the name of #gl0wnation we unite those who agree with us, with our goal and mission.

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